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Helping Educate Armed Responsible Teachers

In an effort to help build the community I want my children raised in, I am offering my services to the very people who help me mold them into good adults. You help me, I want to help you. For any preschool or K-12 educator, or employee who works on school grounds I want to get you trained to be both a protector and savior of those in your care. If you work in a facility in any of the following school districts (even if its a private school that physically is in that districts area) I will give you a day of private pistol training for free. In addition I will provide you with a class on stopping critical blood loss caused by penetrating trauma.
If you care about the safety of the children enough to seek out training, I care enough to give it to you for free.

If there is a group of you who want instruction, don’t worry we can make that happen. However we will need to cover the cost of renting a facility to hold a full class, but I will still not charge any tuition. You bring a gun and bullets and I will teach you everything I can. Contact me and we will work out the details.

For those outside these areas, I still want to help. Tuition schedule below. Generally speaking you will pay 10-20% of the cost of the class as it is generally offered.  I’m willing to travel to you but we will need to add travel costs to cover me getting there.

Tuition fees:


Private Pistol  1 student/ 1 day

Full 1 day Pistol class

Full 1 day Trauma class

In District




Outside Districts

$40   (85% savings)

This class is typically taught in Mainville PA

$40 per student *  (80% savings)

$20 per student * (90% savings)

* plus any applicable range fees from host range/classroom


In-District school districts:

Bloomsburg Area SD

Danville Area SD

Southern Columbia SD

Central Columbia SD

Shikellemy SD

Keystone Central SD